The Lego Dresser

Super quick post here! I’ve been wanting to blog about the lego dresser I did for my 5 year old lego loving son a long time ago and now that we’ve been successfully using it for a handful of months now I figured now was a good time!

Thanks to my cousin for gifting me this dresser for FREE. The rectangular shapes just screamed “lego” at me so getting a vision for this piece was easy. A quick glance at pinterest showed I wasn’t the only one that has had this sort of idea.


First step was painting. I used some leftover chalk paint I used on my jewelry armoire. It is a dark charcoal gray color. It looks almost black but is a bit softer. I wanted it to be a dark base, partly because I wanted the colors to pop that I would eventually make the handles into. Also, my son seems to like the color black and I think it’s because of batman. I didn’t want the dresser to be overly colorful or painful to look at, so the dark color contrasting with the pops of color work nicely.




Once the painting was done the hardest part was finding the right sized dowel to cut and how to space the pegs evenly and make it look right. The first dowel I got was HUGE. And I had the pieces cut too tall and it looked so so goofy. I can’t find a picture of that now but the original thought was to have 2 dowel pegs on each handle… but it looked awkward.


So… dad to the rescue! He had 2 dowels that were about half the size that he helped cut to a much smaller height. Instead of 2 pegs per handle we decided that 6 pegs looked much more normal and more lego-like. My handy dad created a spacer out of cardboard after measuring and cutting and laying out the pegs on the dresser as it was laying down flat. The template worked perfectly in easily setting out the pegs on each handle in the proper position. We used a nail gun to secure them in place.

After that part was done I finished painting the handles and pegs and did 2 coats of chalk paint and then wax to finish it.



A couple of mistakes I made…. I have a spray paint wax that I used on part of the dresser but I don’t think my paint was dry enough yet because the paint started cracking! I was pretty disappointed in that. I’m also just not sure I like the spray paint wax and I’m not sold on the finish and whether or not it works or holds up the same way as a wipe on wipe off wax. I waxed most of the dresser with regular minwax finishing paste which worked better I think. Waxing around the pegs was difficult though which is why I wanted to use the spray wax but it just did not turn out well unfortunately. Luckily for me, my 5 year old who is using the dresser doesn’t care or notice and thinks it’s great so it’s not a huge deal that it wasn’t “perfect”.


This project took me…. WAY too long. I honestly don’t even remember it is so embarrassing. I wanted it ready for his birthday which was in April but I don’t think it was all the way done and moved into his room until early June. The reason it took so long is simply because life gets busy and when you have little kids running around all the time it is challenging to carve out time and a sitter or a grandma/grandpa and good weather to get it done. But we love it! My son loves it. All his clothes fit in there and we use the bottom drawer for toys and he uses the cabinet to store his lego instruction booklets as well as any special creations he wants to preserve.



Thanks for reading!

Paint I used: Dutch boy chalky finish paint in charcoal gray I think? And Folkart Home Decor Chalk Paint for the colorful handles. The Folkart paint I am not a huge fan of…just not real high quality. However, for the small amount of paint I needed and the low price it did the trick.


The Joy of a Pineapple Tank

“This is the SWEETEST pineapple I’ve ever had!” The juice burst in my mouth. I am NOT a huge fan of pineapple… it’s a texture thing. But this one I just bought from the store because my 4 year old begged and begged and I just couldn’t say no and so I decided to try some. It was delicious. We went and bought a second one the next day 😀

Do you ever feel this way about clothing? Or do you feel the opposite way about your style? Let me introduce you to my friend, Kelsey. She and I decided to go shopping because she needed some new summer looks. Nothing fit her and she knew she wanted another eye to tell her what looked good and what didn’t. It can be tricky, like trying to pick out the ripest fruit in the batch. I love to shop and make others feel confident about their bodies and what they wear. I believe it’s good to match how you feel on the inside and how you think about yourself to how you look on the outside.


Kelsey is a mom of four amazing kids ages 5 and under, 1 set of twins. She is busy and frequently fried and can we blame her? I only have 3 and I am frazzled a lot. This is mom life of young ones. She recently has gotten really healthy and lost a lot of weight after having her twins (who just turned 2 years old!) She’s a beautiful fair skinned red head. She wanted to find shorts and tops fit for an active mom but that still flattered her features and fit well.

Because money does not really grow on trees we chose to visit our local Clothes Mentor. If you haven’t ever been there before please give it a try. It’s a great consignment store option for women. They take mostly brand name things and gently used condition and sell them for a fair price compared to buying at retail price. I have been there several times and usually can find something I like for a good value. It’s also a good place to try selling your old clothes that don’t fit or maybe you are just tired of wearing them. Make sure they are in good/ready to sell condition and you might make some decent cash that way.

Here’s Kelsey dropping off a box of stuff that no longer fit her.


We had a couple of hours to spare to find Kelsey some stuff and we had a blast.

One of my shopping tips is to give yourself grace when trying on clothes. Clothing is not meant to fit and flatter everyone exactly the same way (there’s a shocker)… so you might go into the dressing room with 50 things and only 5 of the items look REALLY good on you. Do not get worked up or frustrated that you happen to be trying on 45 not so great items. Knowing what might look good on you from the hanger and what will actually look good on you can be very tricky and sometimes it just takes some trial and error. Having ample time to shop and try things on is helpful. I like to try and shop when stores open for the day. Usually in the beginning of the day employees have had their coffee and are chipper and ready to help you because they are not worn out yet. Shopping right before closing can be stressful because you know you are crunched for time and shop employees usually have a list of things they need to do once the last customer leaves. For us, we were shopping on the last day of a Holiday sale and it was right before closing time (oops!). I could tell that our timing wasn’t ideal…but in spite of that we still had a good experience and left with great purchases.

Kelsey was already in the fitting room with a stack and I was perusing the racks looking for some versatile tops that might work with the plethora of shorts, capris, and skirts she was working her way through trying on.

In the midst of our harried fitting room experiences I managed to snap a picture of me trying on…a ROMPER. Take me back to the 90s folks.


I don’t know people. I can’t decide how I feel about rompers. Why are they “in” now? What is the appeal? Going to the bathroom in these is not exactly a pleasant experience. In a way though I kind of think they are sexy but I cannot figure out why. I ALMOST bought this… but decided against it. Is there something sort of Audrey Hepburn about them? Really…the verdict on this trend is out for me. I would love to hear some opinions on the whole romper bit. …okay back to Kelsey 😛

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere we see Kelsey trying on a flowy top and a pair of jean shorts. I don’t know that I’d wear them together all the time because the shorts look very casual (notice the fading in the front) and the top is a little more dressy. But I also don’t think she’s breaking any fashion rules if she chose to wear them out together either. The top is super flattering because it’s not skin-tight, it’s flowy and it fits her well and can be worn with a lot of different things. The colors are great. Darks work well for her because she is fair. It’s a very feminine top with a lot of color but it’s not over-the-top.

I’m super proud of her for getting some shorts. There’s a lot of different opinions on how women should wear shorts. Especially for the Christian woman concerned about modesty. In our culture here though shorts are a very normal thing for people of all ages and shapes to wear. The fact that these are true “shorts” give her flexibility in the summer time. She isn’t trying to be flashy or show off, she simply wants to be celebrate the fact that she wants to remain healthy and active and during the summer and wants to stay cool. She will be outside with her kids a lot and this versatile pair of jean shorts (that fit her perfectly by the way) give her something to wear while out on a walk, at the beach, camping, playing in her backyard, at a cookout etc… Many women feel self-conscious about wearing shorts because of something they are trying to hide. I know I still have stretch mark lines down to my knees but I’m not going to sacrifice my comfort during a hot summer just because I’m a little embarrassed about it. It’s a beautiful thing to embrace your body and the marks that having babies left you with. As long as a good pair of shorts fit you well, make you feel confident, and give you comfort there’s no reason to try avoiding them. I can’t speak for Kelsey about these shorts but I hope they make her feel confident. Because come on, she’s adorable here!

Here Kelsey found a great casual, easy, fitted T-shirt. The shorts are airy and cool. I don’t have much more to say. It’s a simple look but she could wear either of these pieces with different things to switch up the look. In fact, I saw her earlier today with this top on. She had a long silver necklace with it and dark wash skinny jeans and it was so cute.

“Oh…pineapples?” she said as I handed her the tank.
“Just try it!” I said.
Yes…the famous pineapple tank.
Kelsey worked her way through the stack. I tried a few other things on too but wasn’t having much luck. Between her and I both entering and exiting the fitting room multiple times I wasn’t as focused on taking pictures as I should have, but we got a few good ones.


Seriously isn’t this the cutest!? (sorry to the lady in the background wearing pink. Clearly she’s thinking what are these ladies doing? Oh no did she just take a picture? or she is thinking How are they finding all the good stuff? Oh well… maybe she will read this blog and thank me later for making her famous *insert sarcasm here*).

What Kelsey thought was a random or perhaps busy pattern ended up looking fantastic on her. It wasn’t something she would have normally picked off the rack. I grabbed it when I saw it for three reasons:
1. The brand is LOFT. LOFT has been one of my favorites for a long time plus I have some retail experience working there and so for a time 90% of my wardrobe was from LOFT. I’ve seen that it’s a brand that works well on a lot of different body types and most of their stuff is very classic and timeless 😛
2. The pineapple print of course! Pineapples scream summer for one. Pineapples are also a symbol of hospitality, warmth, friendship, and welcome. If you are ever in an upper class neighborhood or you’re touring an old mansion you will probably find pineapples carved into something, on a fence, or some kind of pineapple artwork. This is because the homeowner knows what pineapples are a symbol of and they want their guests to feel welcomed.
3. The print size and color spectrum. When choosing a print to wear always consider the size of the print. A larger print should be worn on a larger person. The match in proportions will look slimming. A more petite person should wear smaller prints. This print size is a perfect proportion for Kelsey! If the pineapples were any bigger it probably wouldn’t look as good. If they were any smaller it would look too busy and distracting. The color spectrum is also nice because it’s not a traditional yellow and green pineapple color. It’s more muted. The darker blue hue of the leaves are a great color for Kelsey to wear because of her fair skin tone and red hair.

This pineapple tank I have a feeling will become a staple in her wardrobe for these summer months. She could dress it up with a light jacket or cardigan and necklace or wear it casually with a pair of shorts. What she’s wearing with it now in the image above is a fantastically slimming pair of capris jeans. The dark, dark wash is brilliant. Dark washes on her lower half work well for her because it’s a contrast to her fair complexion. Dark colors are slimming so that’s always a win; it’s a base, a good foundation that you can put anything on top of. She could dress it up with a cute pair of wedges or heels or wear flats or flip flops if she’s just running out to do an errand. I LOVE versatile looks and this is definitely one of them.


Notice how the cut of the tank drops down a bit in the front. A blunt straight angle would make her hips or waist look wider. The length in the center draws the eye further down, accents the hips, and as a result she looks taller and slimmer. Isn’t that cool? And seriously loving those capris. She could roll them up a couple of times for a more casual, daytime feel too.

She walked away with a big stack of amazing outfits. I didn’t get pictures of everything but one of these days I will have her model some of the different pieces so you can see just how much she got (if she agrees!). The other awesome part is that with the stuff she brought to sell she already had half of her purchase paid for! I’d say our time there was very successful. I was a little bummed I didn’t have as much luck. But like I said, sometimes finding the great things takes time. Don’t ever settle for what you think looks “okay”. The “okay” items you will probably only wear once and it will end up in your closet for 2 years collecting dust. Be thoughtful with what you choose to buy and wear. Look for things that fit your proportions, accent your natural features, compliment your complexion, and are versatile. And if you can go with a friend it will be so much more fun!

Like the lady in the produce section of a grocery store examining what’s ripe or in season, she will walk away with a good selection of delicious foods. If you rush the process sometimes you end up with a sour bunch. So take some time to go through your closet, purge what you don’t wear anymore, and go find your pineapple tank.

One Room Challenge: afterthought

I’ve just had so much fun blogging about this process that I don’t want to stop. So here I am for those who care to know more about what exactly I did and why I did it; hope this satisfies your curiosity.


I believe my style has evolved a lot over the years. I’ve lived in a lot of apartments in my lifetime so painting and decorating a room wasn’t very common for me. I grew to really loathe white because all apartments come with everything white. When I was a teenager and we moved out of an apartment and into a home I got to choose how to decorate my bedroom. I loved it so much at the time but really all I did was pink some paint for the walls, a new bedspread, and window curtains. It was very purple. Fast forward to when we got married we lived in apartments again. It wasn’t until last year we finally got to purchase our own home! Our house is very BIEGE. Not white, beige. Hah! It’s a little bland in some spots but I’ve come to love the neutrality of colors such as white or beige because you can then do almost anything with your space and it will look great. Maybe it’s also my modernness being afraid of things like bold colors, wallpaper, paneling like it was all too common in previous decades. I definitely resonate with wanting to be “timeless”. I don’t want to get sick of my space quickly. I want things to be relatively easy to change if I did want to give the room a different feel. In this case I see a lot of potential for change if or when I wanted to switch things up: new bedspread and curtains, headboard instead of canvas and sheers, etc… but the neutrality of the furniture (white distressed dressers and black jewelry armoire) make great anchors for the room regardless of what color the walls are or what patterns or colors are accessorized around them. But for now, I like it.

one-room-challenge_26941987356_oWhite, foamy teal, charcoal, oil rubbed bronze, black, and cream are all colors that make me want to go sit in a fancy restaurant with a view of a lake or the ocean and eat a delicious piece of flourless chocolate cake. That feeling, if you can imagine the bliss, is a little bit like what this room makes me feel. Now somebody PLEASE go get me some flourless chocolate cake!

It’s light and airy but not afraid of some drama (teal and black accent colors). I’ve also always had a soft spot for anything Paris related. For a while I thought it was a little juvenile but to heck with that I just love all things Paris. Maybe it’s because I love Audrey Hepburn, or because Nick knows some French, or because we’ve both been to Paris so we know it’s a cool place. It just seemed to work. After all, “Paris is always a good idea”.



I was really getting tired of all the wood. Wood trim, wood doors, wood furniture. I wanted a softer look. So…bye bye closet panel doors, hello fabric. LOTS of fabric.

The closet curtains are tablecloths I found at Savers. They have some texture and just lay really nicely. This was a great inexpensive find. Having curtains instead of doors also gives the room more space because we don’t have the doors jutting out several inches when left open anymore (and let’s be honest here, the closet doors are ALWAYS open in my house). But these ‘curtains’ clipped on the wire make opening and closing so incredibly effortless. Makes the room feel totally different… like I’m in the dressing room of a fancy department store (anyone seen The Paradise?). It gives the illusion that the room is larger and just divided by these curtains.

One drawback to the curtains is that there’s a lot of them in this room. Maybe too many. But for now I think it’s a relatively easy solution to add color and texture to a wall without having to paint or do a lot with it structurally. So this is why it works for me in this space.


A lot of this room looks very vintage. So this was a nice wall piece that added a modern flare.


I decided to forego traditional nightstands (or bedside tables). The furniture I do have in here is large and the room is not huge. I was very careful about making sure it didn’t seem too crowded in here with furniture. I probably could have found dainty enough nightstands if I looked hard enough but I just didn’t have the time or money. What I did have were these 2 wall shelves. They were just sitting around in my house not being used. My dad built them for storing things like books or displaying photos for our old apartment and I hadn’t put them up anywhere in my house yet. So I put them on either side of the bed. The larger one is on the left and the smaller one on the right which fits just perfectly for having the bed centered on the wall yet also having the chair taking up a bit of space in that corner. Really all we need these shelves for is storing things like a glass of water, a phone or a book/journal. I think there might me some unwritten rule about having matching bedside lamps and that’s also something I didn’t bother with. We just didn’t need the extra lighting and the copper wire lights create enough soft lighting for reading in bed. The table lamp we do have is sufficient lighting for the whole room.



I felt like the walls needed something on either of the bed but I thought more artwork would be too distracting from what is above the bed. I originally had these chalkboard signs above the closets which I thought was a little bit cute…but then it just seemed cheesy. I was hopeful to find some great metal art at Hobby Lobby to put on the walls here but I ran out of time so I used these instead. It works!



This is the one wall I’m not completely happy with. It just seems a little boring. I wanted to find a wallpaper or large poster of a map of Paris to put here but I didn’t find one in time. I also toyed around a lot with hanging stuff on either side of the dresser here but I was just nervous about making my walls looking too cluttered. So this nice picture frame with a couple of our wedding photos I hung above the dresser to put something there. But the accessories on here I love.


These wooden boxes (oh no I’m back to wood!) are actually cigar boxes. Cigar smoking is not a frequent pastime for my husband but it is something he enjoys. Much like a good glass of red wine with a filet mignon. Not something you do everyday! I also think it has something to do with the image of old theologians or philosophers. C.S. Lewis sitting by a fire, writing a good book, studying theology, while smoking a pipe, wearing a big robe… you get the image?


Anyway, Nick’s cigar boxes are mostly empty but I just thought they looked so cool. Very antique looking. I wanted to display parts of his personality. Enjoying things like pipes or cigars went with the ‘old world’ charm of the room and also brought some of Nick’s personality into it.


Nick also likes to bike so when I found this great little bike clock for a super low price at Walmart I just couldn’t put it down. It just said Nick all over it.




This was a last minute project. I was thinking of putting this piece in a garage sale and storing my jewelry somewhere else but it’s just such a great piece it was hard to imagine seeing it go. The wooden color it was before (which matched my trim and made it wood overload) looked horrible in the room after I painted the other dressers… so back to menards I went for some more chalk paint. Instead of doing white, I thought a contrast would be nice so I picked “authentic black” which looks a lot like dark charcoal gray.


It’s not stark black which I like because then I think it would be too bold. This went from a blah piece you’d find in your grandma’s house to a sleek, sexy, modern, pop of wow. Like my descriptions there? Haha!


I did not distress this one because I thought it would look weird with a dark color. If i wanted it distressed I would have had to prime it white first. No time for that! I like the smoothness of this though, again, as a contract to the other furniture. The hardware I took off and painted with my other chalk paint. It’s hard to tell but they are not white… they were actually painted with the “garden stone” gray color. It’s a bit softer on the eyes I think than white would have been. I’m very happy with how this turned out and it didn’t take too long, unlike the dressers.


I have this idea pinned to my pinterest board “Master Bedroom” but basically I thought the mason jar I had looked funny with fake flowers in it because it was so obviously fake flowers. Painting it was a perfect idea! I used my chalk paint again (that I have LOTS of now), did 2 coats, and once dry took some sandpaper and distressed it. I love it.
Another more masculine object in the room are these journals, the red leather one was actually a gift I gave Nick to document his experiences while studying in Israel. It was special to find a perfect place to display its beauty in our room.

one-room-challenge_26906908171_oHere’s a shot of the long dresser in front of the window. The placement of this works beautifully and I don’t miss having the mirror on there at all. I never really used it anyway.


It was hard to get a great close up on the dressers, I should try again with my good camera… but for now this works. You can tell there’s a subtle difference in paint color along the trim which gives it some fun dimension. The distressing on this looks wonderful and I absolutely love it. The hardware is also perfect. I can’t believe it’s the same furniture…it looks so totally different.


Here’s a close up of the spray painted and distressed hardware I found for 0.25 a piece! I just love how it turned out.


So there you have it!! Hope you enjoyed getting a few more details.


If you missed my previous posts and want to see the process check them out below! Thanks!

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One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom DONE

One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom DONE

Well friends, here is my finished room. I absolutely love it. I hope you like it too. This was a lot of fun and I am thrilled that we get a nice little oasis in an otherwise crazy house! I have never had a room this pretty before. It’s a relaxing, vintage with modern elements, simple, romantic, sleek french inspired bedroom. Take a look! First, I’ll give you some fun detail shots…


Jewelry armoire painted, big candle on top, curtains in front of closets


Dutch boy chalk paint in “authentic black” – kind of looks like charcoal


Distressed dresser in Dutch Boy chalk paint “tender cloud” (white) and “garden stone” (gray trim). Hardware spray painted oil rubbed bronze and distressed with tender cloud paint



Accessorized with old cigar boxes, candle, and bike clock


Above bed wall art. Paris canvas and wedding picture canvas



Chair found at Savers. Chalkboard sign from Hobby Lobby.


Bike/Eiffel tower pillow case from Amazon.



Just wanted to put up a picture of the view from my big window


Wall art found at Walmart


Pillow cases and bedskirt from Amazon and Walmart


Copper wire lights from Amazon

Curtain panels from Walmart. Image below shows the layer of the sheer lace curtain purchased from Ikea.




Accessories: box and flowers from Hobby Lobby. Mason jar painted with chalk paint and distressed. Old journals I found in my house.



But don’t forget these before pictures!!!




Closet curtain panels and window curtain panels are hanging by wire and clips – a kit purchased from Ikea (see previous posts for more info on this…).

Let’s see those befores and afters again though.




Notice the before of the jewelry armoire





I am so so SO happy with how this turned out. I was a total newbie at this and took a lot of risk. But in the end everything turned out pretty darn good for my first try (not to mention the 6 week deadline).

This last week I painted my jewelry armoire (including the hardware), ordered stuff on amazon to get here fast (like pillowcases, bedskirt, decorative lights), finished painting lamp, painted a mason jar, picked up some fake flowers at hobby lobby, bought some candles, wall art, and curtain panels at walmart, and then worked hurriedly to get it all in order! It totally paid off! Now I need to finish this blog post so I can go clean my kitchen and living room (which have been woefully neglected these last 3 days!)

Thanks ONE ROOM CHALLENGE for this opportunity to re-do my room. 😀

One Room Challenge: Week 4

This week I have a lame post because not much happened. I had a busy weekend attending a phenomenal Biblical Counseling Training Conference! If you don’t know what that is, feel free to message me and I’d love to share 🙂

Anyway, on my way out of town to the conference I had 15 extra minutes to stop at my local ReStore that people have been telling me I HAVE to check out. Well I am glad I did, and glad that even though it was a brief visit I got exactly what I needed!

I found hardware for my dressers for $0.25/piece! This was a HUGE praise to God for providing because I was feeling discouraged that I wouldn’t find anything. I have pretty much hit my budget ceiling so only spending $8.00 on hardware was a major WIN.


I plan to spray paint them and maybe give them a vintage look too… this hopefully will happen this weekend along with having a good friend come help me cut and hem my window curtains.

Other than that, I did a lot of waxing on my dressers little by little because: 1) I no longer had one whole day to devote to it, 2) it took way longer than I thought, and 3) I needed to give my hands and arms time to recover because I am a weakling and could not handle it all at once! As of now I have just ONE section left to wax…. whew!

One minor hiccup is that there are 2 places for hardware on my dressers that are a different size than all the others. The difference was so slight I didn’t notice it at all when taking the old hardware off. When I went to go try the new hardware on I realized that in only these 2 places they don’t fit. I am not sure what I am going to do to remedy this situation, but I suppose the most logical solution would be to drill new holes… :/


I also received something I ordered in the mail which I was super excited about. My sister-in-law told me about a groupon for 70 or 80-something percent off a canvas print. I have always wanted to order our favorite wedding picture on a canvas print so I figured this was my golden opportunity. I got the biggest size :-O but it’s gorgeous!


I can’t wait to get these details together and take pictures of the final look.

I think the only other thing I might need to buy are some new candles, or a few decorative pieces to sit on the dresser or shelf.

Here’s the link up to The One Room Challenge

See you next week!

ORC: Painting Weekend (Wk 3)

“I feel like all I am lately is a nurse, chauffeur, and a milk machine.” I said to my husband.
Then he added, “And an interior designer!”

Hah! I am no interior designer…but for now I am the interior designer for my bedroom makeover. The fact that he said this to me made me smile because it reminds me that there is a side of myself I don’t see or remember very often… the side that would enjoy having a hobby, or working on a project, being creative and artistic, having solitude for introspection, etc. Because normally my day-to-day life is pretty consumed by being mom; especially this week when all 3 kids got hit with strep infection and the littlest one a double ear infection! It wasn’t too bad except for my already not so great sleeper not sleeping well. He wasn’t just not sleeping well, you knew that he was miserable and there wasn’t much I could do to help besides LOTS of tylenol for 2 nights! Today he seemed MUCH better so that’s good.

Anyway…back to my room makeover, less about mommy stuff.

While my husband was gone over the weekend taking his students on a youth retreat I re-did the dressers. My awesome parents came to stay and help with the kids (and my dad helped move furniture and install things that I would otherwise have no idea how to do). We had an awesome weekend. It was exhausting (and then the kids started getting sick of course), but overall really enjoyable. I was super focused on the painting project and spent literally ALL day Saturday painting. It took me long enough to finish one piece that the first coat would dry well before I finished the second one, so it really was constant. I pretty much just took breaks to feed myself and feed my baby. It was refreshing though to be locked in my room alone basically for a day because it wasn’t really safe for the kids to come in without someone being with them. It was a fun “break” from the normal. Though I am also glad I only have to paint the furniture once!

Besides being a newbie at this sort of thing and having a crampy hand at the end of the day I really enjoyed this process. I felt like if the furniture could talk it would be saying, “Thank you for finally taking the time to give me an updated look! I needed this!” I don’t know why, but refurbishing these dressers was almost therapeutic for me. It’s hard to put into words the fantastic quiet moments of spiritual reflection, worship, and praises that I felt in my heart while I was painting over the orange wood. From darkness, to light. Old, to new. From beaten down, to lifted up.

I also kept trying to wrap my head around the intricate care and craftsmanship of God almighty for all of His creation. I bet God enjoyed the process of creating just as I enjoyed the process of my project… only He didn’t have a neck ache afterwards!

Anyway, enough writing. Here are some pictures!

The before’s and during. My painting space was pretty tight… the dressers were in the middle of the room. It was pretty crazy! This picture on the far right is some kind of embellishment on the pieces to identify them. I am not sure what it means but it seems fancy, or at least I like to think. Here’s during:

I documented some of the day on snapchat as well:

And here’s the after:





For the most part I am happy with how they turned out. The contrast of the accent color ended up being a little more subtle than I thought it would be, but it’s not bad. I also need to wax more… they just don’t seem shiny enough to me yet and I think that’s because I have been worried about using too much wax so maybe I haven’t used enough or I need to buff them more. Anyway…that’s a work in progress, and I still don’t have a plan yet for the hardware.

Here’s a before and after of the ceiling fan.

Night and day difference! And what I love most is when I am laying in bed at night I look up at the ceiling and the fan blades blend in with the ceiling so well I barely see them! It’s so nice. With the darker blades I used to look up and think, “Ah! What’s that attacking me!?”


I took a risk and put a thin layer of paint on the glass dome. I forgot to take a before picture. It was very spur of the  moment and I was a little worried about ruining it. But it does look better. The light is very yellow looking, but the color tone of it prior to a layer of paint was even darker yellow/orange/brown looking and it was hideous. We tried it up there with the white fan blades and I about died. I took my white chalk paint I used on the dressers and added a little water. I didn’t want it to be too thick on glass. I stroked it all in one direction so the paint strokes looked cool and there you go. Risky move but it worked out! This really was all I could do with the light because my budget is getting tighter and tighter (non existent maybe?). No time or money to shop around for a new light fixture.

Excuse the mess here (still in progress) but here’s proof my dad took down the closet doors! The room felt bigger instantly it was amazing. Then there’s my dad installing my window hardware of choice from Ikea. Wire with clips instead of a typical curtain rod. Apparently, this installation was NOT easy and it’s a good thing my dad knows a thing or two about home improvement because he basically had to figure this out without a lot of instructions. Tip for beginners like me: do not attempt to install this kind of thing without the help of someone who knows what they are doing otherwise you could easily install it wrong and it won’t work correctly. I am super happy with it though. Still have some things to work on with my fabric but here’s another shot of how it looks:


Still lots of work to be done but we accomplished a lot!!! Rearranging the room this way makes the space feel much bigger. I kept kicking myself wondering why we had it the way it was and then my dad reminded me, “because you needed a spot to put your bassinet!” …oh yeah. Mom brain I guess. One reason we have more options now though is because I decided to take off the mirror on the dresser and store it away. This way it could go on any wall even in front of the window, which is what I decided to do. Very excited about how things are coming together and I look forward to another update next week!

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